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ULTRA BRICKS, cement concrete bricks (closed cavity), manufactured by M/s KRUPA BLOCKS is in accordance with IS 2185 (part-1) -1979 (reaffirmed 2003). Closed cavity bricks are suitable for earthquake resistant construction. The vertical reinforcements and infill concrete at corners, junctions, jams of doors and windows and at free ends, by taking advantage of the holes in ultra bricks, along with the horizontal bands at plinth, bottom sill of windows, lintel and roof band makes the wall ductile and shear resistant as envisaged in IS:- 4326-1993 for earth quake resistant construction.

ULTRA BRICKS are cement concrete bricks manufactured in accordance with IS 2185 (Part1-1979, re-approved in 2003) for the use of earthquake resistant construction as per IS 4326:1993 by M/s Krupa Blocks at Thuruthy, Changanacherry in Kottayam district of Kerala state.

Types of Ultra Bricks

UB-20 C1



UB-16 L

UB-20 J

UB-16 J

UB-20 C2

UB-20 L


The strongest and best bricks

Our Features

Ultra brick is available in two grades ( A - 9 N/ , B - 7.5 N/ ). It has very low water absorption (A - 2.5% & B- 4%) . It is light weight, ductile and can carry more weight in comparison with other traditional bricks. Ultra brick helps in easing the wiring process as the walls need not be cut individual and helps reduce the room temperature by 4° C. It also helps in cutting down the construction cost as low amount of cement and sand is required. 40% of the plastering materials can be cut short if you use ultra bricks. Ultra brick also facilitates all of your construction according to the vastu shastra. This bricks are suitable for every architecture and help you save 35% of cost incurred on plastering materials. Ultra brick is certified with IS 4326:1993 for earthquake resistance. Ultra brick stands ahead of the traditional bricks as it provides your construction with more strength and durability. It's the best choice for making your constructions strong without incurring much expenses. It will help you in increasing the profitability of your every construction project !

Are you dreaming of a low cost Home?

Ultra Bricks provides more secure Home at a less cost than other bricklaying, and in a shorter period of time. Save upto 20%

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Guaranteed strength

Ultra Bricks come up with superior Strength & Durability to provide a life time of beauty. Guaranteed strength A grade block 9N/

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Earthquake resistant bricks

Earthquake resistant bricks for strongest building. Get your Ultra Beauty home as per IS 4326. It helps to reduce room temperature up to 4°C.

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Build a strong retaining wall

Build a Retaining wall using Ultra Bricks, which is stronger and more durable than heavier charcoal walls. Low cost up to 35%

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Er. Anil K Mathew

Er. Anil K Mathew, AKM Groups, Kanjirappally & Kottayam

Joseph Sebastian

Joseph Sebastian, Chairman, Lifevally International School, Puthupally

George Mattam

George Mattam, CEO - Mattam Residency Kuravilangad

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